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Month: September 2022

Fastest business jet since Concorde – the Global 8000

The Canadian business jet manufacturer, Bombardier, has announced the Global 8000 will enter service in 2025. It will be “the world’s fastest and longest-range purpose built business jet.”

“The Global 8000 aircraft leverages the outstanding attributes of the Global 7500 aircraft, providing our customers with a flagship aircraft of a new era,” said Éric Martel, Bombardier’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Bombardier added that the aircraft became “the first Transport Category airplane to fly supersonic with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)” during a May 2021 demonstration flight.

Let’s look at some of the headline figures

  • Top speed of mach 0.94 (approx. 720 mph)
  • Nautical mile range of 8,000
  • A unique Smooth Flex Wing for the smoothest ride (powered by GE’s Electric’s Passport engines
  • Includes Bombardier’s Pũr Air and its advanced HEPA filter technology
  • Four personalised suites with showers and a full-size bed

And the cost? A list price of $78 million (£69 million)

The cockpit will have the Bombardier Vision flight deck with its next-generation fly-by-wire technology. As you would expect, the interiors of the the aircraft will have four personalised suites designed to maximise space. The Principal Suite will come with a full-size bed, and there will be a stand-up shower in the En-suite.

The aircraft’s Soleil circadian lighting system helps passengers fight jet lag and increase comfort. It will have Bombardier’s l’Opéra directional audio sound system and a 4K monitor for on-board entertainment, along with a host of other features.

Breathing and relaxing will be even easier with Bombardier Pũr Air and its advanced HEPA filter technology, so you arrive rested and refreshed. You’ll also experience the comfort of the industry’s lowest cabin altitude, and enjoy reduced lower back pressure with the Nuage seat and zero-gravity position.

In summary, Bombardier are hoping the Global 8000 will take the crown as king of business jets. From what we can see, this is more than likely!

Ski season – get closer and stay longer with Sentinel Aviation!

It’s never too early to start planning your ski trip! With Autumn now upon us, let’s start getting ready for the slopes. Why not take a private jet directly to the resort? With Sentinel Aviation you can get closer and stay longer – stress free, no airport lounges or long passport control and check-in queues AND more time on the slopes.

There are a number of private jet airports to Europe’s most exciting and prestigious ski resorts.

Courchevel Altiport, French Alps
The exclusive ski resort of Courchevel 1850 has it own altiport at 2,008m altitude, and is the shortest runway in the world, and the highest tarmacked runway in Europe.

Chambery Private jet Airport, French Alps
Also known as Chambery Aix Les Bains or Chambery Savoie Airport. It serves some of the world’s most fashionable resorts, including Meribel, Courchevel (60km) and Val D’Isere (144km).

Sion Private Jet Airport, Swiss Alps
Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Sion Airport lies close to some of the finest world-class ski resorts including Crans-Montana, Zermatt, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Verbier, Saas-Fee, Montreux, Gstaad.
(Actually, we’ve also organised passenger transfers by helicopter from here to the Word Economic Forum in Davos).

Samedan Private Jet Airport, Swiss Alps
Also known as Engadin Airport, it’s one of the most challenging airports in the word due to its topography and strong winds; but only 5km away from the winterland of St Moritz!

Innsbruck Private Jet Airport, Austria
A Category C airport, requiring pilots to have specific training before using it, it serves some of the most spectacular ski resorts, including St Anton, Zurs and Kitzbuhel.

Let Sentinel Aviation help you get there. Our private charter team will ensure a seamless door-to-door service, meticulously planned and overseen from inception until well after landing.

The trouble with private jets, reports the Financial Times

… is that there aren’t enough to go around!

Demand for private jets continues to soar as super-rich holidaymakers and business people spend vast sums to avoid busy travel routes and delays. One travel firm said its millionaire clients were willing to pay up to £200,000 for a week at Europe’s most sought-after destinations.

Managing Director, Roland Dangerfield: “Enquiries from new customers has jumped by 150 per cent since February, including a number of hedge fund managers and bankers. There has also been heightened interest in the purchase of private jets and their subsequent management.”

The article in the FT reports the main reason for this increased demand is the emergence of a new class of private flyer:

“Those who have discovered the joys of being unshackled from commercial-flight schedules and security queues, and of reducing their “touch points” (those moments that bring one into less-than-two-metres’-distance contact with the rest of humanity) from an average of hundreds to fewer than 30 per flight. They traded up to flying private during the pandemic for peace of mind; they’re sticking with it for the call-your-own-shots convenience, despite annual spends of $500,000 or more for fractional ownership, and entry-level membership fees as hefty as $80,000. According to business intelligence company WINGX, private flights now account for a quarter of all air traffic in the US — around twice what they did pre-pandemic.”

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Spotlight on the Piaggio Avanti executive aircraft

The Piaggio P180 Avanti is so typically Italian! The elegantly designed twin turbo prop plane blends the “very best of Italian style, peerless craftsmanship, and intelligent thinking”. The engines are mounted in pusher configuration, comfortably seating up to nine people in a pressurised cabin and may be flown by one or two pilots for up to 2.5hrs.

Its speed exceeds 400 KTAS, faster than many jets and at a fraction of the direct running costs. With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a more luxurious cabin, the Piaggio P180 Avanti is truly a class act. Additionally, there is a significantly improved service and support network, which includes an innovative new maintenance programme that ensures costs are kept under control.


The Macnab challenge – skill, planning and dedication required

Delighted to be supporting The Field Magazine’s Macnab Challenge for this year – catch a salmon, shoot a stag and finish with a brace of grouse, all taken between dawn and dusk, in one day.  You need skill, planning and dedication and that is why it was a natural alignment with our own ethos at Sentinel Aviation.

The Challenge is best explained by the editor of The Field, who posted:

“Any sporting sort knows what a challenge it is to undertake a proper Macnab, by which we mean the modern classic iteration, inspired by John Buchan and tweaked for the modern sportsman in the pages of The Field. That is, to catch a salmon, shoot a stag and finish with a brace of grouse, all taken between dawn and dusk, in one day. It requires skill, planning, dedication and that most elusive sporting element: luck. We are delighted to launch The Field’s Macnab Challenge 2022 in association with Blaser and Sentinel Aviation, a combination of partners who will not only fit you out with rifle, shotgun and the right kit, but can also whisk you north (or anywhere else, for that matter) in style.

The Macnab is an undertaking that channels fieldsports, conservation and traditional and modern sporting techniques. It places the grouse, the red deer and the salmon on a pedestal, is concerned with their success and demands an understanding of their environment. The conservation efforts that gillies and gamekeepers undertake every day for the sake of these quarry species and their survival are a crucial part of the story.”

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Top 10 Superyachts to Charter

You might think you have to spend hours online researching different yachts and destinations, but that’s not the case. Through our trusted partners we have a huge selection of charter yachts available and they have an infinite amount of knowledge about yachts and destinations worldwide.  We’ll help you get to your yacht by private jet and/or helicopter. You’ll avoid long airport queues and save time by flying directly from an airport close to you.

Looking for Superyacht inspiration? Have a look at some of these stunning yachts:

It’s Boom Time for the supersonic jet Overture!

We were excited to witness the reveal of Boom’s updated supersonic jet Overture design at Farnborough Airshow in July this year. The new concept took 26 million core hours of simulated software designs. Yes, it will be the fastest passenger jet, but most importantly it will use 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The key features of this work of art:

  • Contoured fuselage – optimising airflow to reduce drag, and increases fuel efficiency.
  • Compound modified delta planform – improving supersonic performance and subsonic stability to maximise safety and efficiency.
  • Gull wings – minimising aircraft drag and thus required, engine thrust.
  • Four-engine design – delivering efficient supersonic performance, maintains standard temperature ranges, and flies without afterburners to minimise noise and fuel consumption.

And a few words from visionary Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic: “We believe in a world where more people can go to more places more often. Sustainable supersonic travel unlocks new possibilities for business relationships, prospects for vacation, and opportunities for human connection.”

Sentinel Aviation is fully committed to defining a long term sustainable future for the private aviation sector, and to this end we aim to be fully carbon neutral across our entire business by 2025.

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